Useful Resources for the Budding and Established Instructional Designer

Hello fellow bloggers and classmates,

Below are the three resources I located for Week 1 Assignment. I hope the resources I selected are different than what you chose for the assignment that way we can have more resources, which we can hopefully utilize in the future. I can’t wait to interact with you. Please enjoy the resources below.

Shift eLearning

Shift eLearning is a blog aimed to assist instructional designers by providing them a place to access tips and tricks of the trade. Instructional designers can utilize the Shift eLearning blog or subscribe to get a newsletter with similar information. However, the blog and newsletter are only a small part of the website. The rest of the site is dedicated to an eLearning platform. This platform allows the user to create content for an online course with a user-friendly interface.

Model eLearning

Model eLearning is a blog where the design team from Spring Arbor University can share their insights about topics related to instructional design. Some of these topics reference learning trends, tips, and personal experience. Many of the posts, I noticed were about eLearning. This makes sense because of the digital age we are in. Therefore, it is important to have relevant input about eLearning.

Trends and issues

Trends and issues is a blog dedicated to identifying the current trends and issues occurring in the Instructional technology and educational technology field. Their blog posts are labeled as episodes and consist of a short post that summarizes the podcast the blogger includes at the end. The authors of the post, Dr. Abbie Brown and Dr. Tim Green also include their own perspectives on these trends and issues, as wells as reading resources that the readers may find useful and relevant to the topic they are discussing.

For those of you who have not heard of these websites, maybe you can utilize them in your journey to become an instructional designer or assist those who are already instructional designers.


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One thought on “Useful Resources for the Budding and Established Instructional Designer

  1. Melenia Foster

    I came across the blog trends and issues, thanks to my classmate. I found this blog interesting because its a resource for instructional designer to use to stay current with technology in the field of instructional design. One thing that I enjoyed about this blog was that it consisted of pod-cast so when you are on the go you can still be listening to the current trends within the field. Nonetheless what I also enjoyed about this blog was that its a place that not only discuss the current trends it goes over the current issues with instructional design as well. I enjoyed this blog because it gave you a place as a instructional designer to see if other instructional designer was having the same issues as you and if so how where they over coming these problems. Nonetheless with technology changing so rapidly I thought the blog was a easy read to teach you different forms of technology to keep your class interested as a instructional designer. I enjoyed this article because we all have bad days at work or get stuck on project where we may need additional help. I found this blog as a resource to help me become a better instructional designer. I believe as a instructional designer you have to be open to learning because all the time change is occurring with technology. Nonetheless you have to stay updated on technology and remember that no matter the subject that you are teaching everyone learn different so you must be able to present new resources to relate to your students, and always have a open mind when it comes to learning new technology.

    Brown,A&Green, T.(n.d.) Trends &issues.Retrieved from http://trendsand


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